Overview of Event Ingestion

At Dashdive, we understand the importance of efficiently capturing cloud events to optimize your cloud cost management. We offer two versatile methods for event ingestion:

  1. Self-Service API: Manually log your events with our customizable API.
  2. Automated Agent: Install our agent on your cloud infrastructure for automatic event capturing.

Self-Service API

How to Use

  • Manual Logging: With our API, you can manually log events as they occur. This is ideal for custom event tracking or when you need specific data points.
  • Integration: Easily integrate the API into your existing cloud infrastructure.
  • Customization: Tailor the data you capture to meet your specific needs.

Getting Started

Checkout our API Reference

Automated Agent

How to Use

  • Easy Installation: Install our agent on your cloud infrastructure to automatically capture events.
  • Real-Time Data: The agent provides real-time event tracking and logging.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Automatically captures a wide range of cloud events without the need for manual intervention.